EPC Surveys North East

EPC Surveys, or Energy Performance Certificate surveys assess a property in terms of its energy consumptions. It provides potential buyers and tenants with some insight into the energy efficiency of a residential property or commercial premises. The time taken for the survey depends on the size of the building but on average take between 30 minutes and one hour.

Energy legislation

As of April 2018, properties cannot be sold with an EPC rating lower than ‘E’ and this is why it’s especially important that an EPC survey is done to inform a seller of what can be done to improve the score.

For the purposes of the regulations for a building to fall within the requirement it must have a roof, walls and use energy to condition the indoor climate. Services that are considered to condition the indoor climate can include: space heating, mechanical ventilation or air conditioning.

This is a statutory obligation and should your property fall within the act you must obtain and EPC certificate.

Arranging an energy inspection in the North East

R.A Jackson can arrange Energy Performance Inspections at competitive rates.

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